Australian & New Zealand Avocado Growers Conference 2001

Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia
3rd June to 7th June 2001


Session 1: Adoption of Field Practices to Assist in Expanding Avocado Markets

Adoption of Field Practices to Assist in Expanding Avocado Markets (White Paper, Presentation Slides)
Dr Anthony Whiley

Session 2: Marketing Avocados into the Future

Future Trends for the Sales, Marketing, Packaging and Consumption of Avocados (White Paper, Presentation Slides)
Avi Crane

Moving beyond "Commodity" Positioning Avocados for the Future (White Paper)
Lisa Cork

New Directions in Promoting the Promised Fruit (White Paper, Presentation Slides)
Wayne Prowse

Session 3: The Challenge of Quality at Retail Level

Quality in Distant Markets (White Paper, Presentation Slides)
Dr Henry Pak and Dr Jonathan Dixon

Avocado quality at Retail Store: We have a role to play (White Paper, Presentation Slides)
Peter Hofman, Scott Ledger, Barbara Stubbings, Matt Adkins, Jason Cook, Jenny Barker

Field and Post Harvest Management of Avocado Fruit Diseases (White Paper, Presentation Slides)
Lindy Coates, Sonia Willingham, Ken Pegg, Tony Cooke, Jan Dean, Peter Langdon

Session 4: The Manipulation of Plant Growth to Improve Productivity

Developments in Plant Growth Regulators and their use in the Manipulation of the Growth and Flowering of Avocados (White Paper, Presentation Slides)
Dr Carol Lovatt

Irrigation Physiology of Turning Water into Oil (White Paper, Presentation Slides)
David W. Turner, Andreas Neuhaus, Tim Colmer, Alan Blight, Tony Whiley

Controlling Anthracnose in Avocado by Enhancing Natural Fruit Resistance: the Role of Rootstocks and Nutrition (White Paper, Presentation Slides)
Sonia Willingham, Ken Pegg, Lindy Coates, Tony Cooke, Peter Langdon, Jan Dean

The Management of Fruit Size in Hass (White Paper)
Professor (Emeritus) Nigel Wolstenholme

Session 5: The future approaches for Pest and Disease Management

IPM and Avocados in Australia (White Paper, Presentation Slides)
Dan Papacek AM

Development of an IPM Program for Avocados in New Zealand  (White Paper, Presentation Slides)
Philippa Stevens

Future Management Strategies in Disease Control (White Paper, Presentation Slides)
Ken Pegg

Session 6: Phytophthora Management Strategies for the Future

Use of Foliar Applications of Phosphonate to control Phytophthora Root Rot in Avocados (White Paper, Presentation Slides)
Tony Whiley, John Leonardi, Ken Pegg, Peter Langdon

Non-fungicidal Control Strategies of Phytophthora cinnamomi Root Rot control in Avocado (White Paper)
Dr John Menge

The Benefits of Monitoring Phosphorous Acid in the Roots of Avocado (White Paper, Presentation Slides)
Graeme Thomas

Session 7: Canopy Management

Developments in Canopy Management in Australia (White Paper, Presentation Slides)
Dr John Leonardi

Developments in South Africa (White Paper, Presentation Slides)
Jan Toerien

Avocado Canopy Management Sustainable Production of Top Quality Fruit (White Paper)
Grant Thorpe, Alan Woolf, Linda Boyd, Ian Ferguson, Anne White, Kerry Everett

Developments in the Bundaberg region (White Paper, Presentation Slides)
Dr Chris Searle

Session 8: The Avocado Industry in 2020

Avocados and the "Information Age" (White Paper, Presentation Slides)
Simon Newett

Structures, relationships and issues for avocado grower organisations in 2020 (White Paper, Presentation Slides)
Dr Jonathan Cutting,

Avocado Production in 2020 (White Paper)
Professor (Emeritus) Nigel Wolstenholme

Other Documents

Conference Handbook

Benchmarking Best Irrigation Management Practices In Avocado (White Paper)
Mohammed Aleemullah, David Clark, Mark Panitz and Rohan Geddes

Extension And Adult Education Processes To Promote Adoption Of Water Use Efficiency In Avocado Industry (White Paper)
Mohammed Aleemullah, David Clark (ed), Mark Panitz, Ian Bell

Avocado Lenticel Damage (White Paper)
K.R. Everett, I.C. Hallett, C. Yearsley, N. Lallu, J. Rees-George, H. Pak