4th Australian and New Zealand Avocado Growers Conference (ANZAGC09)

Cairns, Australia

21-24 July 2009


Keynote Presentations


Keynote 1:
Ms Valli Little
Food Editor, Delicious magazine

Keynote 2.  A healthy diet equals a healthy you
Mrs Zoe Bingley-Pullin

Keynote 3: Status, impact and management of the major diseases of avocado
Prof Randy Ploetz
University of Florida

Keynote 4: Alternate bearing in avocado – an overview
Prof Nigel Wolstenholme

Keynote 5: Avocados in Woolworths
Mr Darren Weir
Senior Business Manager, Fresh Produce, Woolworths

Keynote 6: Multi country avocado promotion programs in the U.S. market
Mr Jose Luis Obregon
Managing Director, Hass Avocado Board

Keynote 7: Australian industry promotion program overview
Mr Antony Allen
CEO, Avocados Australia

Keynote 8: New Zealand industry promotion program overview
Mr Alan Thorn
CEO, New Zealand Avocado Industry Council




State of the industry

New Zealand avocado industry, state of the industry
Mr Alan Thorn

Australian avocado industry, state of the industry
Mr Antony Allen



Robotics in horticulture
Dr Claire Flemmer

Harvesting Hass avocados during high temperatures
Mr Alec McCarthy

Elevating picking platform standards – a time of change
Mr Keith Batten



Exporting Australian avocado fruit: technical challenges, options and research
Dr Peter Hofman

Avocado exports – the South African story
Mr Derek Donkin

Marketing avocados in Thailand
Mr Tom French

New Zealand's export success
Jem Burdon

Exporting from AustraliaGrowing
Mr Louis Grey




Workshop on avocado growth cycle

Avocado Tree Growth Cycle
Dr Jonathan Dixon and Mr Simon Newett

Irregular bearing in ‘Hass’ avocado – possible role of carbohydrates and boron
Dr Grant Thorp


Alternate bearing

Alternate bearing in avocado: An Overview
Prof Nigel Wolstenholme

Alternate bearing in avocado: Nutrition
Prof Nigel Wolstenholme

Avocado fruit set in New Zealand
Dr Mark Goodwin & Lisa Evans

Avocado irrigation monitoring techniques
Mr Fabian Gallo

Transpiration during avocado flowering: How much water do the flowers use?
Dr Mike Clearwater

Can canopy management strategies overcome alternate bearing?
Dr John Leonardi

Australian rootstock program update 09
Dr Tony Whiley

The quest to find superior avocado rootstocks
Dr Danielle Le Lagadec


Plant health - A

Managing Phytophthora cinnamomi
Dr Elizabeth Dann and Dr Ken Pegg

Phellinus noxius: brown root rot in avocado
Mr Luke Smith

Laurel wilt: A global threat to avocado production
Prof Randy Ploetz

Improved timing of phosphonate injections for Pc control in New Zealand
Mr Colin Partridge


Plant health - B

Preparing for biosecurity issues
Mr Greg Fraser

Integrated pest management in avocados
Dr Henry Drew

Optimising concentrate spray applications in avocados
Mrs Robyn Gaskin

Better control of avocado sunblotch disease through improved diagnostic technologies
Dr Andrew Geering

Crop yield loss you can’t see
Mr Stewart Frankling


New avocado varieties and rootstocks forum

An open forum with owners of new avocado varieties and rootstocks from across the world including:

Maluma, a new generation cultivar
Dr André Ernst

Performance of avocado clonal rootstocks in South Africa
Mr Denis Roe

Avocado IP management: varieties and rootstocks
Dr Tony Whiley



NIRS technology for determining maturity in avocados
Mr Brett Wedding

New advances in packing
Dr Rory Flemmer

Computer systems to deliver product and profits
Ms Sharon Chapman




Fruit quality

What avocado consumers want
Dr Roger Harker

Avocado retail quality surveys
Mrs Joanna Embry

Improving the avocado supply chains
Mr Terry Campbell and Ms Jodie Campbell

Beyond AvoGreen
Dr Henry Pak

Impacts of fruit disease management on quality
Dr Elizabeth Dann and Dr Lindy Coates



Australian avocado consumer research 2009
Mr Rob Mason

Retail price surveys: what do avocados cost?
Mr Antony Allen

Avocado and food service
Mr David Chenu

Interactive workshop with the Australian promotion agencies including
Gallery De Pasquale



Lipophilic bioactives in avocados
Dr Dimitrios Zabaras

The avocado nutritionist
Mrs Zoe Bingley-Pullin

AVO 7025 Benchmarking the usage and attitudes of health professionals towards eating avocados
Mr Joseph Ebbage

Health professional perspective
Dr Steve Culpan