California Agriculture

Volume 2 (1948)

Ebeling, Walter ; Pence, Roy J. - The Mealybug Problem on Newly Grafted Avocado Trees. California Agriculture. 1948. 2(2):9, 16. (Full Text in PDF)

Hodgson, R.W. - Alternate Bearing of Avocado may be corrected eventually by one of two possible solutions to problem. California Agriculture. 1948. 2(9):5, 16. (Full Text in PDF)

Zentmyer, George A. ; Klotz, L.J. - Avocado Root Rot - two phase series of experiments to determine control methods. California Agriculture. 1948. 2(6):7. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 3 (1949)

Curtis, Denzel S. - Further Investigations on Avocado Decline - Effect of Oxygen Supply in Nutrient Solution on Avocado and Citrus Seedlings Studied in Greenhouse Tests. California Agriculture. 1949. 3(12):8-9. (Full Text in PDF)

Zentmyer, George A. ; Klotz, L.J. - Avocado Root Rot Studies - preliminary tests indicate soil fumigation permit replanting. California Agriculture. 1949. 3(2):4, 12. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 4 (1950)

Pence, Roy J. ; Ebeling, Walter - Orangeworms on Avocados - orange tortrix feeds on bark, flowers, and buds or on shoots of immature trees. California Agriculture. 1950. 4(8):5, 14. (Full Text in PDF)

Wahlberg, Harold E.  - Family Avocado Orchards - size depends upon yield, costs of production, returns, and family income needed. California Agriculture. 1950. 4(8):13. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 5 (1951)

Ayers, A.D. ; Aldrich, D.G. ; Coony, Joe J. - Leaf Burn of Avocado - sodium or chloride accumulation may cause burning of mature avocado leaves of Fuerte and other varieties. California Agriculture. 1951. 5(12):7. (Full Text in PDF)

Hodgson, Robert W. - Report of Long-term Research on the Avocado - studies on alternate bearing, varieties, rootstock, propagation and storage by Division of Subtropical Horticulture. California Agriculture. 1951. 5(12):8-11. (Full Text in PDF)

Pence, Roy J. - Six-spotted Mite on Avocado - spray and dust applications of various acaricides tested against pest causing serious defoliation. California Agriculture. 1951. 5(12):5-6. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 6 (1952)

Bartlett, Blair ; DeBach, Paul - Enemies of Avocado Pests: Parasites and predators if protected by sparing use of insecticides will keep avocado pests in check. California Agriculture. 1952. 6(5):14. (Full Text in PDF)

Winslow, M.M. - Avocado Variety Trials: Progress report describes tree and fruit characteristics of four most promising varieties in test at Riverside. California Agriculture. 1952. 6(7):9, 13, 15. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 7 (1953)

Haas, A.R.C. ; Brusca, Joseph N. - Zutano Avocado Cuttings Rooted: Leafy-twig cuttings of vigorous Mexican variety readily rooted without special procedures or hormone treatments. California Agriculture. 1953. 7(10):11-12. (Full Text in PDF)

Halma, F.F. ; Goodall, G.E. - Chlorosis in Avocado: May be caused by nutrients in soil or genetic variations in the variety. California Agriculture. 1953. 7(8):11, 13. (Full Text in PDF)

Halma, F.F. ; White, F.A. - Chlorosis in Avocado: Young trees on Guatemalan rootstocks appear less tolerant to disorder than trees on Mexican stocks. California Agriculture. 1953. 7(7):3, 14. (Full Text in PDF)

Wallace, A. ; North, C.P. - Lime-Induced Chlorosis: Chelating agents a possible means of control in citrus, avocado, and other subtropicals. California Agriculture. 1953. 7(8):10. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 8 (1954)

Gustafson, C.D. - Fumigation of Avocado Soils: Fungus causing root rot can be controlled by fumigant but its use may prove lethal to trees. California Agriculture. 1954. 8(11):10, 14. (Full Text in PDF)

Haas, A.R.C. ; Brusca, Joseph N. - 2,4-D Treated Avocado Plants: Plant growth regulator improved the vegetative growth in greenhouse tests with sand cultures. California Agriculture. 1954. 8(3):12-14. (Full Text in PDF)

Haas, A.R.C. ; Brusca, Joseph N. - Biuret, Toxic Form of Nitrogen: Soluble nitrogen compounds are not of equal value as fertilizers as shown by tests with citrus and avocado. California Agriculture. 1954. 8(6):7, 11. (Full Text in PDF)

Martin, James P. ; Bingham, Frank T. - Growth of Avocado Seedlings: Individual plants vary in susceptibility to injury by concentrations of sodium or potassium in soil. California Agriculture. 1954. 8(2):7, 12. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 9 (1955)

Ebeling, Walter - Causes of Avocado Leaf Injury: Certain foliage injury often attributed to insect feeding may actually be the result of some physiological disorder. California Agriculture. 1955. 9(10):9-10. (Full Text in PDF)

Fleschner, C.A. - New Mite Predators: Four species from Guatemala show promise in southern California. California Agriculture. 1955. 9(9):14. (Full Text in PDF)

Haas, A.R.C. ; Brusca, Joseph N. - Chloride Toxicity in Avocados: Tests show chloride absorption and toxicity vary with the seedling variety and the form of nitrogen. California Agriculture. 1955. 9(2):12-14. (Full Text in PDF)

Peterson, Peter A. - Dual Cycle of Avocado Flowers: Study of the continuous dual opening cycle of the avocado flower shows need of large flying insects for pollination. California Agriculture. 1955. 9(10):6-7, 13. (Full Text in PDF)

Schroeder, C.A. ; Frolich, E.F. - Avocado Rootstock-Scion Studies: Compatibility between avocado and new rootstocks suitable to California is object of plant program. California Agriculture. 1955. 9(2):11-12. (Full Text in PDF)

Winslow, M.M. ; Enderud, J. - Avocado Variety Investigations: Suitability of avocado varieties to climatic conditions of Riverside under long-term tests in experimental orchard. California Agriculture. 1955. 9(2):10, 14. (Full Text in PDF)

Winslow, M.M. ; Miller, Marvin ; Enderud, J. - Topworking Avocado Varieties: Evaluation of more satisfactory varieties at Riverside obtained sooner by topworking than by planting new trees. California Agriculture. 1955. 9(12):9-10, 13. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 10 (1956)

Embleton, Tom W. ; Jones, W.W. - Manure as Source of Nitrogen: Studies of tilled and nontilled citrus and avocado orchards show manure to be efficient in supplying nitrogen to tilled soil. California Agriculture. 1956. 10(1):14-15. (Full Text in PDF)

Hall, Alice P. ; Moore, Jorene G. ; Morgan, Agnes Fay - B Vitamin Content of Avocados: Studies reveal California-grown avocados are in superior group of foods as source of pantothenic acid and vitamin B6. California Agriculture. 1956. 10(11):13-14. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 11 (1957)

Ebeling, Walter ; Pence, Roy J. - Orange Tortrix on Avocados: Pest becoming of increasing economic importance on certain varieties of avocado in some orchards in the coastal areas. California Agriculture. 1957. 11(8):13-14. (Full Text in PDF)

Haas, A.R.C. ; Brusca, Joseph N. - Leaf Malady of Avocado Trees: Leaves of trees of several varieties on various rootstocks seriously affected when placed under glasshouse conditions. California Agriculture. 1957. 11(8):14-16. (Full Text in PDF)

Harding, Robert B. ; Miller, Marvin ; Fireman, Milton - Leaf Burn on Sprinkled Citrus: Factors affecting leaf absorption of sodium and chloride from water sprinkler-applied to citrus and avocados studied. California Agriculture. 1957. 11(1):9-10. (Full Text in PDF)

Taylor, O.C. ; Cardiff, E.A. ; Mersereau, J.D. ; Middleton, J.T. - Smog Reduces Seedling Growth: Zutano avocado seedling growth affected by synthetic smog of ozone and hexene vapor in fumigation chamber experiment. California Agriculture. 1957. 11(3):9, 12. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 12 (1958)

Labanauskas, C.K. ; Embleton, Tom W. ; Jones, W.W. - Deficiencies of Micronutrients: Influence of phosphate fertilizers on micronutrients in avocado leaves subject of long-term study of Fuerte orchard. California Agriculture. 1958. 12(10):10. (Full Text in PDF)

Labanauskas, C.K. ; Embleton, Tom W. ; Jones, W.W. - Micronutrients in the Avocado: Effects of nitrogen fertilization on the zinc, copper, iron, manganese and boron content of Fuerte avocado leaves. California Agriculture. 1958. 12(10):11. (Full Text in PDF)

Wallihan, E.F. ; Embleton, Tom W. ; Printy, Wilma - Zinc Deficiency in the Avocado: Application of zinc chelates to soils may solve the zinc problem in trees on land too steep for spray rig operation. California Agriculture. 1958. 12(6):4-5. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 13 (1959)

Brusca, Joseph N. ; Haas, A.R.C. - Zinc Effect on Citrus, Avocado: Large concentrations of zinc added to sand or soil cultures corrected mottle-leaf, increased leaf size and tree growth. California Agriculture. 1959. 13(1):12. (Full Text in PDF)

Barnes, R.C. ; van Gundy, S.D. ; Sher, S.A. - Citrus and Avocado Nematodes: Spread by nursery stock, by contaminated implements, and by water from irrigation canals that may drain infested land. California Agriculture. 1959. 13(9):16-18. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 14 (1960)

Brusca, Joseph N. ; Haas, A.R.C. - Magnesium required by avocado trees but excessive amounts may be toxic. California Agriculture. 1960. 14(7):5-6. (Full Text in PDF)

Embleton, Tom W. ; Jones, W.W. ; Garber, M.J. - Fertilization of the Avocado: Leaf analysis as a guide to nitrogen. California Agriculture. 1960. 14(1):12. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 15 (1961)

Haas, A.R.C. ; Brusca, Joseph N. - Effects of chromium on Citrus and Avocado grown in nutrient solutions. California Agriculture. 1961. 15(2):10-11. (Full Text in PDF)

Labanauskas, C.K. ; Embleton, Tom W. ; Richards, S.J. ; Handy, M.F. - Effects of irrigation and nitrogen on micronutrient concentrations in Hass avocado leaves. California Agriculture. 1961. 15(2):11. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 16 (1962)

Brief: Seed Transmission of Avocado Sun Blotch. California Agriculture. 1962. 16:7. (Full Text in PDF)

Burns, R.M. ; Gowans, K.D. ; Harding, Robert B. ; Zentmyer, George A. - Avocado Root Rot Soil Survey. California Agriculture. 1962. 16(5):6-7. (Full Text in PDF)

Wallace, J.M. ; Drake, R.J. - Seed Transmission of Avocado Sun Blotch. California Agriculture. 1962. 16(3):7. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 17 (1963)

Burns, R.M. ; Miller, M.P. ; Harding, Robert B. ; Gowans, K.D. ; Zentmyer, George A. - Poor Drainage and Excess Soil Moisture Encourage Spread of Avocado Root Rot. California Agriculture. 1963. 17(8):13. (Full Text in PDF)

Miller, M.P. ; Turrell, F.M. ; Austin, S.W. - Cooling Avocado Trees by Sprinkling. California Agriculture. 1963. 17(7):4-5. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 18 (1964)

Burns, R.M. ; Kover, R.W. ; Delphey, C.C. ; Gowans, K.D. ; Zentmyer, George A. - Ventura County Survey Finds Little Avocado Root Rot. California Agriculture. 1964. 18(2):11. (Full Text in PDF)

Gustafson, C.D. - Temperature Changes in Fuerte Avocado from Tree to Market. California Agriculture. 1964. 18(10):7-8. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 19 (1965)

Bogin, E. ; Wallace, A. - Investigations of Processes in Avocado Fruit Ripening. California Agriculture. 1965. 19(10):11-12. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 20 (1966)

Burns, R.M. ; Mircetich, S.M. ; Coggins, C.W. Jr. ; Zentmyer, George A. - Gibberellin Increases Growth of Duke Avocado Seedlings. California Agriculture. 1966. 20(10):6-7. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 23 (1969)

Burns, R.M. - Plastic Containers for Avocado Nursery Trees. California Agriculture. 1969. 23(11):18-19. (Full Text in PDF)

Burns, R.M. ; Drake, R.J. ; Wallace, J.M. ; Zentmyer, George A. - Resistance to Sun Blotch Virus in Seed Source Trees of Duke Avocado. California Agriculture. 1969. 23(8):7-8. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 25 (1971)

Boswell, S.B. ; Burns, R.M. ; McCarty, C.D. - Chemical Inhibition of Avocado Top Regrowth. California Agriculture. 1971. 25(12):3-4. (Full Text in PDF)

McCarty, C.D. ; Boswell, S.B. ; Burns, R.M. - Chemically Induced Sprouting of Axillary Buds in Avocados. 1971. 25(12):4-5. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 26 (1972)

Gustafson, C.D. ; Marsh, A.W. ; Branson, R.L. ; Davis, Sterling - Drip Irrigation Experiments with Avocados in San Diego County. California Agriculture. 1972. 26(7):12-14. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 30 (1976)

Ohr, Howard D. ; Zentmyer, George A. ; Klure, Laura ; Guillemet, Fred B. - Redworms don't control, may spread avocado root rot. California Agriculture. 1976. 30(4):14. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 32 (1978)

Marsh, A.W. ; Branson, R.L. ; Davis, Sterling ; Gustafson, C.D. ; Strohman, R. - Irrigating New Avocado Orchards. California Agriculture. 1978. 32(5):19-20. (Full Text in PDF)

Menge, John A. ; Davis, R. Michael ; Johnson, E.L.V. ; Zentmyer, George A. - Mycorrhizal Fungi Increase Growth and Reduce Transplant Injury in Avocado. California Agriculture. 1978. 32(4):6-7. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 33 (1979)

Desjardins, Paul R. ; Drake, R.J. ; Atkins, E. Laurence ; Bergh, Berthold O. - Pollen Transmission of Avocado Sunblotch Virus Experimentally Demonstrated. California Agriculture. 1979. 33(11):14-15. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 36 (1982)

Sances, Frank V. ; Toscano, Nick C. ; Hoffmann, Michael P. ; LaPré, Larry F. ; Johnson, Marshall W. ; Bailey, J. Blair - Radioactive Measurement of Brown Mite Injury on Avocados. California Agriculture. 1982. 36(6):22-23. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 38 (1984)

Rose, Mike ; Woolley, James B. - Previously imported parasite may control invading whitefly. California Agriculture. 1984. 38(3-4):24-25. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 39 (1985)

Oatman, Earl R. ; Platner, Gary R. - Biological Control of Two Avocado Pests: Amorbia cuneana and omnivorous looper on avocado can be controlled by parasite. California Agriculture. 1985. 39(11-12):21-23. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 42 (1988)

Bailey, J. Blair ; Hoffmann, Michael P. ; McDonough, L.M. ; Olsen, K.N. - Field-testing the sex pheromone for Amorbia cuneana in avocados: A simple, effective means of monitoring avocado pests. California Agriculture. 1988. 42(5-6):17-18. (Full Text in PDF)

Bailey, J. Blair ; Hoffmann, Michael P. ; Olsen, K.N. - Blacklight Monitoring of Two Avocado Insect Pests. California Agriculture. 1988. 42(3-4):26-27. (Full Text in PDF)

Bailey, J. Blair ; Olsen, K.N. ; McDonough, L.M. ; Hoffmann, Michael P. - Possible New Race of Amorbia Cuneana Discovered in Avocado. California Agriculture. 1988. 42(9-10):11-12. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 44 (1990)

Bailey, J. Blair ; Olsen, K.N. - Chemical Control of Amorbia, an Insect Pest of Avocado and Citrus. California Agriculture. 1990. 44(6):10-11. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 46 (1992)

Yates, Marylynn V. ; Meyer, Jewell L. ; Arpaia, Mary Lu - Using Less Fertilizer More Often Can Reduce Nitrate Leaching. California Agriculture. 1992. 46(3):19-21. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 54 (1999)

Hoddle, M.S. ; Jetter, Karen M. - Science Briefs: Persea mite, thrips threaten avocados. California Agriculture. 1999. 53(4):4. (Full Text in PDF)

O'Connell, N.V. ; Snyder, Richard L. - Cover Crops, Mulch Lower Night Temperatures in Citrus. California Agriculture. 1999. 53(5):37-40. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 54 (2000)

Grismer, Mark E. ; Snyder, Richard L. ; Faber, Ben A. - Avocado and Citrus Orchards along the Coast May Use Less Water. California Agriculture. 2000. 54(3):25-29. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 56 (2002)

Hoddle, M.S. ; Morse, Joseph G. ; Phillips, Phil A. ; Faber, Ben A. ; Jetter, Karen M. - Avocado thrips: New challenge for growers. California Agriculture. 2002. 56(2):103-107. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 70 (2016)

Oster, James D. ; Sposito, Garrison ; Smith, Chris J. - Accounting for potassium and magnesium in irrigation water quality assessment. California Agriculture. 2016. 70:71-76. (Full Text in PDF)