South African Avocado Growers’ Association
2020 Yearbook
Volume 43

Table of Contents



5 Chairman's Report

S Magagula




6 Observations on the effects that row orientation, ridging and orchard altitude have on avocado production in the Tzaneen area
FJ Kruger, GO Volschenk and LC Volschenk


11 Water use of avocado orchards – Year 3

E Mazhawu, AD Clulow, MJ Savage and NJ Taylor


18 Research towards reducing the incidence of lenticel damage of South African ‘Hass’ export avocado fruit
D Lemmer and JF Fourie


52 Concise overview of microbes related to soil health
JJ Bezuidenhout




58 Investigating phosphonic acid residues in late hanging fruit and in tree roots from trees that received one versus two annual trunk injections
A McLeod, P Novela, P Mohale and S Masikane


64 Cercospora spot of avocado – Validation of spray timing: Final results
MH Schoeman and R Kallideen




70 Preharvest application elicitors as an alternative to prochloraz
M Thema, H Fotouo-M. and D Sivakumar


76 Comparison of the ripening inhibitory effects of controlled atmosphere and balanced atmosphere on South African ‘Hass’, ‘Maluma’ and ‘Fuerte’ avocado fruit under laboratory conditions during the 2019 season
FJ Kruger, GO Volschenk and L Volschenk


80 Determining how effective a dry ice based modified atmosphere treatment will be at suppressing avocado respiration in packhouse cold rooms and refrigerated trucks
FJ Kruger, GO Volschenk and L Volschenk


88 Effects of cultivar, season and altitude on South African avocado fruit’s soluble solid contents and early season quality
FJ Kruger, GO Volschenk and LC Volschenk


92 Maturity indexing and storage protocols for ‘Lamb Hass’ and ‘Reed’ avocado cultivars
LS Magwaza, E Cekwane, A Mditshwa and SZ Tesfay


106 The impact of farm-to-packing facility road condition on avocado quality
WJ Bezuidenhout, WK Kupolati, J Snyman and E Joubert