New Zealand Avocado Growers' Association

Annual Research Report – 2005

Volume 5





            Cover Page

1          Factors affecting ‘Hass’ avocado flower nectar and their impact on pollination and fruit set
J. Dixon, C.B. Lamond, A.C. Greenwood and D. B. Smith

9          Replenishment of nectar removed from ‘Hass’ avocado flowers during the female opening phase
J. Dixon and C. B. Lamond

13        ‘Hass’ avocado tree phenology in 2004 for the Western Bay of Plenty
J. Dixon, T. A. Elmsly and D. B. Smith

27        The impact of foliar applications of nitrogen and boron on ‘Hass’ avocado fruit set in 2004
J. Dixon, D. B. Smith, T. A. Elmsly and F. P. Fields

35        Effect of Prohexadione-Ca on shoot growth, fruit set and retention in ’Hass’ avocado in New Zealand
A. J. Mandemaker, J. G. M. Cutting, D. B. Smith and J. Dixon

43        Increasing pick to pack times increases ripe rots in ‘Hass’ avocados
J. Dixon, T. A. Elmsly, D. B. Smith and H. A. Pak

51        The impact on shelf-life and ripe fruit quality of AlobuaTMFC-12 fruit coating on late season New Zealand ‘Hass’ avocados
J. Dixon, D. B. Smith, T. A. Elmsly and F. P. Fields

57        Is the poor quality of late season New Zealand ‘Hass’ avocado fruit related to fruit characteristics at harvest?
N. Lailu, J. Burdon, G. Haynes, K. Francis, H. Boldingh, H. A. Pak, F. P. Fields, T. A. Elmsly, D. B. Smith, J. Dixon and J. G. M. Cutting