Avocado Café


April 26, 2022
Fertilization of Avocado for Increased Yield Potentials
David Crowley, Professor Emeritus, Department of Environmental Sciences, University of California, Riverside


March 29, 2022
Avocado productivity: Understanding pollinators and their importance for avocado fruit set
Arnon Dag, Institute of Plant Sciences, The Volcani Institute, Israel
Gordon Frankie, Department of Environmental Science, Policy, & Management, UC Berkeley
Raffi Stern, MIGAL Galilee Research Institute, Israel


February 18, 2022
Avocado productivity: How the interplay of light and vegetative vigor influences yield
Rodrigo Iturrieta, University of California, Riverside
Gerardo Adunate, Avocado Consultant, Chile


January 26, 2022
Innovation: How should we push the boundaries of avocado growing –Intensive Management Systems?
Louise Ferguson - University of California, Davis

Zander Ernst - Allesbeste Nursery, Tzaneen, South Africa

December 13, 2021
Francisco Mena Völker - GAMA, Quillota, Chile


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