California Avocado Commission Production Research Committee
Our Mission: To provide California Avocado Growers a means to achieve optimum profitability, now and in the future, through focused research, global collaboration, and effective communication of results.




Avocado Postharvest Biology: Determinants of Eating Quality
Arpaia, Mary Lu, Obenland, David


Are Thrips Important Pollinators of Avocados in California?
Hoddle, M.S., Hofshi, Reuben, Arpaia, Mary Lu

Implementation of the use of NAA as a tree management tool for the California Avocado Industry
Arpaia, Mary Lu

Salinity-Chloride Interactions Effects on Yield
Crowley, David, Arpaia, Mary Lu

Developing Field Strategies to Correct Alternate Bearing (II)
Lovatt, Carol J.

PGR II - Strategies to Increase Fruit Size of 'Hass' Avocado
Lovatt, Carol J.

Phase III for GA3 and Phase II for 2,4-D and AVG for Commercial Use on 'Hass' Avocado
Lovatt, Carol J.


Linking Candidate Genes to Biochemical Phenotypes in Avocado
Clegg, Michael T.

Enhancement of Avocado Productivity. Plant improvement - selection and evaluation of improved varieties and rootstocks
Arpaia, Mary Lu, Smith, Harley

Screening and Evaluation of New Rootstocks with Resistance to Phytophthora cinnamomi
Douhan, Greg W.


Survey for Armored Scales and their Natural Enemies on California Avocados
Morse, Joseph G., Stouthamer, Richard

Survey of Scale Insects Found on Imported Avocado and Dispersal of Scale Insects from Fruit to Host Plants
Stouthamer, Richard, Morse, Joseph G.

Proactive Surveys for Avocado Fruit Feeding Pests in Central or South American Countries Planning to Export Fresh Fruit into California
Hoddle, M.S., Millar, Jocelyn

Development of Pheromone-based Detection & Monitoring Systems for Invasive Scale & Species Infesting Avocado
Millar, Jocelyn, Morse, Joseph G.

Proactive Surveys for Incipient Populations of the Avocado Seed Moth, Stenoma catenifer, in California
Hoddle, M.S., Millar, Jocelyn

Evaluation of Systemic Chemicals for the Management of Avocado Pests
Byrne, Frank J., Morse, Joseph G., Krieger, Robert I.

Management and Resistance Monitoring of Avocado Thrips and Persea Mite
Morse, Joseph G.

Identification, biology, epidemiology and geographical distribution of fungal and bacterial pathogens associated with avocado in California
Eskalen, Akif

Research Update -- Avocado Thrips, Persea Mite, New Materials, Pesticide Resistance Management
Morse, Joseph G., Zahn, Deane, Urena, Alan A., Robinson, Lindsay J.