Useful tools to calculate and understand the inputs into the orchard environment


The tools described below are designed to provide growers with a set of calculators to better manage their grove and to understand the impact of cultural practices on the orchard environment. Less than optimal production is influenced by many variables such as weather, tree health, pollination and cultural care. Cultural management is a direct outcome of the farming effort, and improving management through relevant information can only help enhance productivity and overall tree health. The concept is to integrate the calculators into common usage to serve not only as management tools but also to provide an educational center for those who wish to learn and understand more about nutrition, fertilization and soil conditions.  Examples on how these calculators are integrated are given below.

o      Water district or lab: and

o      Rain calculator:

o      Irrigation calculator:

o      Leaf levels standards: and

o      Fruit nutrient removal:

o      Nitrate in district water: and

o      Zinc Symptoms: and

o      Articles on zinc:

o      Fertilization:

o      Understanding fertilization:

o      Interactions between minerals:

o      Soil pH and nutrient availability:

o      Irrigation:  

o      Salinity:

o      Soils and soil biology: 

o      Crop Estimating Calculator: