Using the Recommended Fertilizers Calculator:

  1. Select the appropriate units English or Metric.
  2. In the row titled Input Recommended Fertilizer input the lab recommendation, for example 100 lbs of N.
  3. You can select or remove as many fertilizers as you wish but only one at a time.
  4. Input the amount of the nutrient you wish to use for a particular fertilizer, for example 50 lbs N from ammonium nitrate. When you accept the input by pressing ‘Enter’ or ‘Tab’, the calculator will tell you how much fertilizer, in this case 147 lbs of ammonium nitrate you will need to purchase in order to obtain 50 lbs of N. It will also adjust the ‘still needed’ cell to reflect how much more you need to fill the recommendation. 
  5. In the cell below the cost select lbs or tons for dry fertilizers.
  6. At the cell below insert the cost per selected unit, currency per ton for example.
  7. Under the corresponding nutrient symbol the cost of 1 lb of the nutrient will appear.
  8. The total cost column is the total cost of the fertilizer for the quantity of the selected nutrient(s).
  9. The calculator will recalculate with each input the total cost of the fertilizer program.
  10. If you have selected a liquid fertilizer, the procedure is similar but the total fertilizer in gallons and liters and the price is per gallon of fertilizer. 
  11. You can compare the cost of a particular nutrient by deleting an entry and replacing it by another fertilizer source or by continuous input of other fertilizers.
  12. If you wish to have more details about any nutrient, you can return to tools and select ‘Fertilizer Calculator’. 

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