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The Aztec
'AHUACATL' is called 'AVOCADO' in English, German and Italian. The fruit 'AGUACATE' and the tree 'AGUACATERO' is used in Spanish North America and northern South America, the fruit 'PALTA' and the tree 'PALTO' in Chile, Ecuador and Peru, 'AVOCAT' in French and 'ABACATE' in Portuguese.

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1. Fertilizer Calculator
Hofshi, Reuben, Hofshi, Shanti
Fertilizer Calculator. V1. English Units . V2. Metric Units . Calculate. Primary Nutrient:. Nutrient Information. Amount of Primary Nutrient:. Fertilizer:. Fertilizer Information and MSDS. Price of Fertilizer:. Fertilizer Formula:. Amount of Fertilizer:. Price of Primary Nutrient:. Secondary Nutrient:. Amount of Secondary Nutrient:. Price of Secondary Nutrient:. Using the Fertilizer Calculator. Chart of the Effect of Soil pH on Nutrient Availability. Sources of Fertilizer Calculator.
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2. Total Fruit Nutrient Removal Calculator for Hass Avocado in California
Hofshi, Reuben, Hofshi, Shanti
Total Fruit Nutrient Removal Calculator for Hass Avocado in California. Calculate the amount of nutrients that are removed when you harvest your crop. Enter your production below. No commas or periods please!Production Volume:. Arsenic:. Nitrogen:. Barium:. Phosphorus:. Cadmium:. P2O5:. Chromium:. Potassium:. Cobalt:. K2O:. Lead:. Iron:. Lithium:. Manganese:. Mercury:. Zinc:. Nickel:. Copper:. Selenium:. Boron:. Silicon:. Calcium:. Silver:. Created by Reuben Hofshi and Shanti Hofshi.
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3. Effect of Nitrogen Fertilization on Yield and Fruit Oil Content of Avocado Trees
Abou Aziz, A.B., Desouki, I., El-Tanahy, M.M.
AbouAzizAB1975. Scientia Horticulturae, 3 (1975) 89-94 Elsevier Scientific Publishing Company, Amsterdam -Printed in The Netherlands EFFECT OF NITROGEN FERTILIZATION ON YIELD AND FRUIT OIL CONTENT OF AVOCADO TREES A.B. ABOU AZIZ, I. DESOUKI and M.M. EL-TANAHY National Research Centre, Dokki, Cairo (Egypt) (Received May 27th, 1974) ABSTRACT Abou Aziz, A.B. Desouki, I. and E1-Tanahy, M.M. 1975. Effect of nitrogen fertilization on yield and fruit oil content of avocado trees. Scientia Hort aziz.pdf
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4. Analyses of Avocado (Persea americana) Nectar Properties and their Perception by Honey bees (Apis mellifera)
Afik, Ohad, Dag, Arnon, Kerem, Z., Shafir, Sharoni
AfikOhad2006. Analyses of Avocado (Persea americana) Nectar Properties and their Perception by Honey bees (Apis mellifera) O. Afik & A. Dag & Z. Kerem & S. Shafir Received: 2 January 2006 /Revised: 31 March 2006 /Accepted: 1 May 2006 /Published online: 11 August 2006 # Springer Science + Business Media, Inc. 2006 Abstract Honey bees are important avocado pollinators. However, due to the low attractiveness of flowers, pollination is often inadequate. Previous work has revealed that avo
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5. The components that determine honeybee (Apis mellifera) preference between Israeli unifloral honeys and the implications for nectar attractiveness
Afik, Ohad, Hallel, Tom, Dag, Arnon, Shafir, Sharoni
AfikOhad2009. 2009 Science From Israel /LPPltd. Jerusalem Israel Journal of Plant Sciences Vol. 57 2009 pp. 253–261DOI: 10.1560/IJPS.57.3.253*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.E-mail: components that determine honeybee (Apis mellifera) preference between Israeli unifloral honeys and the implications for nectar attractivenessOhad Afik,a Tom Hallel,a Arnon Dag,b and Sharoni Shafira,aB. Triwaks Bee Research Center, Department of Entomology, The H
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6. Efecto de la fertilizacion organica e inorganica en el crecimiento, produccion y estado nutrimental del aguacate
Aguilar-Melchor, Juan J., López-Jimenez, Alfredo, Cortés Flores, José Isabel, Samano Guevara, René A., Martínez Garza, Angel
AguilarJuan1997. 32 EFECTO DE LA FERTILIZACION ORGANICA E INORGANICA EN EL CRECIMIENTO, PRODUCCION Y ESTADO NUTRIMENTAL DEL AGUACATE EFFECT OF FERTILITATION ORGANIC AND INORGANIC IN THE GROWTH, PRODUCTION AND NUTRIMENTAL STATE OF AVOCADO Juan José Aguilar Melchor1, Alfredo López Jiménez2, José Isabel Cortés Flores3, René A. Samano Guevara4 y Angel Martínez Garza5 RESUMEN En un huerto adulto localizado en Coatepec Harinas, Edo. de México se evaluó durante tres años, el efecto de la fertil
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7. The Avocado Industry in Michoacan, Mexico
Aguilera-Montañez, J.L., Salazar-García, Samuel
AguileraJL1991. South African Avocado Growers’ Association Yearbook 1991. 14:94-97 THE AVOCADO INDUSTRY IN MICHOACAN, MEXICO J L Aguilera-Montañez INIFAP, Campo Experimental Uruapan. Apdo. Post. 128, Uruapan, Mich. 60000, México S Salazar-Garcia INIFAP, Campo Experimental Santiago Ixcuintla. Apdo. Post. 139, Tépic, Nay. 63000, México ABSTRACT Avocado is grown in a narrow geographical belt that crosses Michoacan state from west to east. This belt is located at 1 300 to 2 300 m above sea
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8. Feeding a Hungry World
Aldrich Jr., Daniel G.
AldrichDaniel1976. California Avocado Society 1975-76 Yearbook 59: 17-26 FEEDING A HUNGRY WORLD Dr. Daniel G. Aldrich, Jr. Chancellor, University of California at Irvine Dr. Daniel G. Aldrich, Jr. first Chancellor of the University of California, Irvine, since January 19, 1962. Responsible for developing the campus from bare ground to a fully operating institution. Dr. Aldrich joined the University of California as a junior chemist in the Citrus Experiment Station at Riverside in 1943. Fol
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9. Nutritive Value of the Avocado in the Normal Diet
Alger, Eulalia Belle
AlgerEulalia1934. California Avocado Association 1934 Yearbook 19: 98-101 Nutritive Value of the Avocado in the Normal Diet Eulalia Belle Alger, County Home Demonstration Agent, San Diego The problem of nutrition is older than the human race. It began when life began upon this planet. The survival of plants, and later of animals, was conditioned upon finding proper food and a favorable environment. The physical development of man has been in no small degree dependent upon his ability to s
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10. An afternoon with Mike Sanders and Bob Lucy, Modern Industry Pioneers
Ambuul, Chris
AmbuulChris2013. 41 Chris Ambuul* Valley Center, CA An afternoon with Mike Sanders and Bob Lucy, Modern Industry Pioneers An idea sprouted that the reflections of industry pioneers, Mike Sanders (Founder, S&S Grove Management in Escondido, CA) and Bob Lucy (Managing Partner, Del Rey Avocado, Fallbrook, CA) would make an interesting article for the CAS yearbook. Mike and Bob entered the California avocado industry over 40 years ago and they continue to grow and sell avocados every day. Th
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