Ambrosia Beetle Pictures

Sugar exudates on a cut infected Hass limb from Hacienda Heights  

Fungal infection of the same Hass avocado branch after bark is removed

  Trap with Manuka oil lure provided by APHIS
Symptomatic Hass tree from Hacienda Heights   Infected Hass avocado limb with some regrowth at the Huntington Gardens   CAS germplasm collection at Hunington Gardens
Common symptoms on Hass trunk   Evidence of fungal infection on Duke 7 rootstock   Base and roots of dead English Oak at the Huntington Gardens
Heavily affected English oak adjacent to the Huntington library   Base of Castor bean plant with large number of beetles in South Gate   Broken Hass limb showing many exit holes
Black female and brown male E. fornicatus   E. fornicatus female by Dr. Gevork Arakelian   Species: Quercus robur
Common name: English Oak
Family: Fagaceae
Region of Origin: Europe
Location in Garden: Library
Notes: Deciduous, unlike the California Live Oak that has leaves year-round. Bare for a very short period of time.

    !i=780564372&k=kyU2L   Huntington_Oak_20110116.jpg
English Oak
Main Lawn
Huntington Gardens
January 16, 2011