Re: problems with indoor plant, Joel Mayhall, 16. Jan 2008 13:21
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I'm living in Europe, Austria, Vienna and I have a little avocado tree. I grew my avocado from a seed "imported by hand" from Ecuador. This is its 3rd year and its 6 feet tall now. I have havy problems with it. Aside from scales, the leafs become black borders and white stains and fall down.

I know I dont optimal conditions for an avocado. The water contains limescale and I put the tree in normal soil (black). But it stands in a kind of wintergarden (enough light) at temperatures between 22 in winter (now) and 30 during summer. I water it when the soil is dry. I attached a photo. My plan is (was?) to grow the tree up to 12 feets and more. What is the reason? Bakteria, the soil, the water,...?

Any help is very appreciated.

Thank you so much, greetings from Vienna.


Growing an indoor avocado is always a challenge and one seldom gets any fruit for the effort. Use as large a pot as possible and but small enough that you can take it outside. The plant probably has an excess of LIME (Ca) in the roots. Flushing the container with water a couple of times should reduce the lime deposits. You might spray the leaves to remove the scales. Someone else may have a better idea for removing them.
You should prune the tree to maintain its' size - it will not hurt the tree and will slow the growth of the roots in the container.
Finally, you should leave it outside in in the sun as much as possible, especially if it is flowering, if you want any chance of having fruit.

Good luck

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