Selected Proceedings of HortTechnology

Volume 9 (1999)

Lovatt, Carol J. - Timing Citrus and Avocado Foliar Nutrient Applications to Increase Fruit Set and Size. HortTechnology 9(4):607-612. 1999. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 11 (2001)

Nez-Elisea, Roberto, Schaffer, Bruce, Zekri, Mongi, O'Hair, Stephen K., Crane, Jonathan H. - In Situ Soil-water Characteristic Curves for Tropical Fruit Orchards in Trenched Calcareous Soil. HortTechnology 11(1):65-69. 2001. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 12 (2002)

Downer, James, Faber, Ben A., Menge, John A. - Factors Affecting Root Rot Control in Mulched Avocado Orchards. HortTechnology 12(4):601-605. 2002. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 16 (2006)

Etxeberria, Ed, Miller, William M., Achor, Diann - Anatomical and Morphological Characteristics of Laser Etching Depressions for Fruit Labeling. HortTechnology 16(3):527-532. 2006. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume  19 (2009)

Mangiafico, Salvatore S., Newman, Julie, Merhaut, Donald J., Gan, Jay, Faber, Ben A., Wu, Laosheng - Nutrients and Pesticides in Stormwater Runoff and Soil Water in Production Nurseries and Citrus and Avocado Groves in California. HortTechnology 19(2):360-367. 2009. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume  20 (2010)

Evans, Edward A., Crane, Jonathan H., Hodges, Alan, Osborne, J.L. - Potential Economic Impact of Laurel Wilt Disease on the Florida Avocado Industry. HortTechnology 20(1):234-238. 2010. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume  23 (2013)

Lovatt, Carol J. - Properly Timing Foliar-applied Fertilizers Increases Efficacy: A Review and Update on Timing Foliar Nutrient Applications to Citrus and Avocado. HortTechnology 23(5):536-541. 2013. (Full Text in PDF)