Selected Proceedings of HortScience

Volume 1 (1969)

Shafrir, M. - A New Approach to Rooting of Difficult-to-Root Avocado Cuttings. HORTSCIENCE 4(2):97-98. 1969. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 4 (1972)

Kamali, A.R.; Maxie, E.C.; Rae, H.L. - Effect of Gamma Irradiation on 'Fuerte' Avocado Fruits. HORTSCIENCE 4(2):125-126. 1972. (Full Text in PDF)

Wutscher, Heinz K.; Maxwell, Norman P. - The Effect of Sub-freezing Temperatures on Fruit Quality and Seed Viability of ‘Lula’ Avocado. HORTSCIENCE 4(2):26-27. 1969. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 8 (1973)

Zauberman, Giora; Schiffmann-Nadel, Mina; Yanko, U. - Susceptibility to Chilling Injury of Three Avocado Cultivars at Various Stages of Ripening. HORTSCIENCE 8(6):511-513. 1973. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 9 (1974)

Rouse, A.H.; Barmore, Charles R. - Changes in Pectic Substances During Ripening of Avocados. HORTSCIENCE 8(6):36-37. 1974. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 10 (1975)

Fuchs, Yoram, Zauberman, Giora, Yanko, U. - Freeze Injuries in Avocado Fruit. HORTSCIENCE 10(1):64-65. 1975. (Full Text in PDF)

Wutscher, Heinz K.; Maxwell, Norman P. - Seasonal Changes in 12 Leaf Nutrients of 'Lula' Avocado with Drip and Flood Irrigation. HORTSCIENCE 10(5):512-514. 1975. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 11 (1976)

Boswell, B.S.; Bergh, Bob; Whitsell, R.H. - Control of Sprouts on Topworked Avocado Stumps with NAA Formulations. HORTSCIENCE 11(2): 113-114. 1976. (Full Text in PDF)

Scorza, R.; Wiltbank, W.J. - Measurement of Avocado Cold Hardiness. HORTSCIENCE 11(3):267-268. 1976. (Full Text in PDF)

Spalding, Donald H.; Reeder, William F.  - Low Pressure (Hypobaric) Storage of Avocados. HORTSCIENCE 11(5):491-492. 1976. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 12 (1977)

Apelbaum, Akiva; Zauberman, Giora; Fuchs, Yoram - Prolonging Storage Life of Avocado Fruits by Subatmospheric Pressure. HORTSCIENCE 12(2): 115-117. 1977. (Full Text in PDF)

Boswell, S.B., Lee, B.W., McCarty, M.P. - Chemical Inhibition of Sprouting of Avocado Stumps. HORTSCIENCE 12(3):248-249. 1977. (Full Text in PDF)

Zauberman, Giora; Schiffmann-Nadel, Mina; Yanko, U. - The Response of Avocado Fruits to Different Storage Temperatures. HORTSCIENCE 12(4):353-354. 1977. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 14 (1979)

Boswell, S.B.; Bergh, Bob; Whitsell, R.H.; Kumamoto, Junji - Reduction of Rootstock Sprouts on Young Grafted Avocados with NAA. HORTSCIENCE 14(1):57-59. 1979. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 15 (1980)

Chaplin, Grantley R. - Association of Calcium in Chilling Injury Susceptibility of Stored Avocados. HORTSCIENCE 15(4):514-515. 1980. (Full Text in PDF)

Ito, P.J.; Fujiyama, D.K. - Classification of Hawaiian Avocado Cultivars According to Flower Types. HORTSCIENCE 15(4):515-516. 1980. (Full Text in PDF)

Ito, P.J.; Hamilton, R.A. - Fumigation of Avocado Fruit with Methyl Bromide. HORTSCIENCE 15(5): 593. 1980. (Full Text in PDF)

Kadman, A.; Ben-Ya'acov, Avraham - G.A.-13 Avocado Rootstock Selection. HORTSCIENCE 15(2):206. 1980. (Full Text in PDF)

Kadman, A.; Ben-Ya'acov, Avraham - Maoz Avocado Rootstock Selection. HORTSCIENCE 15(2):207. 1980. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 16 (1981)

Kadman, A.; Ben-Ya'acov, Avraham - 'Fuchs-20' Avocado Rootstock. HORTSCIENCE 16(3):351. 1981. (Full Text in PDF)

Zauberman, Giora; Fuchs, Yoram - Effect of Wounding on 'Fuerte' Avocado Ripening. HORTSCIENCE 16(4):496-497. 1981. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 17 (1982)

Chaplin, Grantley R.; Wills, R.B.H.; Graham, Douglas - Objective Measurement of Chilling Injury in the Mesocarp of Stored Avocados. HORTSCIENCE 17(2):238-239. 1982. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 18 (1983)

Chaplin, Grantley R.; Wills, R.B.H.; Graham, Douglas - Induction of Chilling Injury in Stored Avocados with Exogenous Ethylene. HORTSCIENCE 18(6):952-953. 1983. (Full Text in PDF)

Eaks, Irving L. - Effects of Chilling on Respiration and Ethylene Production of 'Hass' Avocado Fruit at 20°C. HORTSCIENCE 18(2):235-237. 1983. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 19 (1984)

Degani, Chemda; Gazit, Shmuel - Selfed and Crossed Proportions of Avocado Progenies Produced by Caged Pairs of Complementary Cultivars. HORTSCIENCE 19(2):258-260. 1984. (Full Text in PDF)

Durand, B.J.; Orean, Lelia; Yanko, U.; Zauberman, Giora; Fuchs, Yoram - Effects of Waxing on Moisture Loss and Ripening of 'Fuerte' Avocado Fruit. HORTSCIENCE 19(3): 421-422. 1984. (Full Text in PDF)

Raviv, M.; Reuveni, O. - Mode of Leaf Shedding from Avocado Cuttings and the Effect of its Delay on Rooting. HORTSCIENCE 19(4): 529-531. 1984. (Full Text in PDF)

Sahar, N.; Spiegel-Roy, P. - In Vitro Germination of Avocado Pollen. HORTSCIENCE 19(6):886-888. 1984. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 21 (1986)

Degani, Chemda; Goldring, A.; Lavi, Uri - Genetic Selection During the Abscission of Avocado Fruitlets. HORTSCIENCE 21(5):1187-1188. 1986. (Full Text in PDF)

Lahav, Emmanuel; Zamet, D.N.; Gazit, Shmuel; Lavi, Uri - Girdling as a Means of Shortening the Juvenile Period of Avocado Seedlings. HORTSCIENCE 21(4):1038-1039. 1986. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 22 (1987)

Kerbel, Eduardo L.; Mitchell, F. Gordon; Mayer, Gene - Effect of Postharvest Heat Treatments for Insect Control on the Quality and Market Life of Avocados. HORTSCIENCE 22(1):92-94. 1987. (Full Text in PDF)

Pliego-Alfaro, Fernando; Murashige, Toshio - Possible Rejuvenation of Adult Avocado by Graftage onto Juvenile Rootstocks in Vitro. HORTSCIENCE 22(6):1321-1324. 1987. (Full Text in PDF)

Schaffer, Bruce; Ramos, L.; Lara, S.P. - Effect of Fruit Removal on Net Gas Exchange of Avocado Leaves. HORTSCIENCE 22(5):925-927. 1987. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 23 (1988)

Zauberman, Giora; Fuchs, Yoram; Yanko, U.; Akerman, Miriam - Response of Mature Avocado Fruit to Postharvest Ethylene Treatment Applied Immediately after Harvest. HORTSCIENCE 23(3):588-589. 1988. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 24 (1989)

Davenport, Thomas L. - Pollen Deposition on Avocado Stigmas in Southern Florida. HORTSCIENCE 24(5): 844-845. 1989. (Full Text in PDF)

Fisher, Jack B.; Davenport, Thomas L. - Structure and Development of Surface Deformations on Avocado Fruits. HORTSCIENCE 24(5):841-844. 1989. (Full Text in PDF)

Lahav, Emmanuel; Lavi, Uri; Zamet, D.N.; Gazit, Shmuel - Iriet - A New Avocado Cultivar. HORTSCIENCE 24(5): 865-866. 1989. (Full Text in PDF)

Schaffer, Bruce; Ploetz, Randy C. - Net Gas Exchange as a Damage Indicator for Phytophthora Root Rot of Flooded and Nonflooded Avocado. HORTSCIENCE 24(4):653-655. 1989. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 25 (1990)

Degani, Chemda; Goldring, A.; Adato, I.; El Bazri, R.; Gazit, Shmuel - Pollen Parent Effect on Outcrossing Rate, Yield, and Fruit Characteristics of 'Fuerte' Avocado. HORTSCIENCE 25(4):471-473. 1990. (Full Text in PDF)

Gabor, Brad; Guillemet, Fred B.; Coffey, Mike D. - Comparison of Field Resistance to Phytophthora cinnamomi in Twelve Avocado Rootstocks. HORTSCIENCE 25(12):1655-1656. 1990. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 26 (1991)

Jessup, Andrew J. - High-temperature Dip and Low Temperatures for Storage and Disinfestation of Avocados. HORTSCIENCE 26(11):1420. 1991. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 27 (1992)

Lahav, Emmanuel; Lavi, Uri; Degani, Chemda; Zamet, D.N.; Gazit, Shmuel - 'Adi', a New Avocado Cultivar. HORTSCIENCE 27(11):1237. 1992. (Full Text in PDF)

McKellar, M.A.; Buchanan, D.W.; Ingram, Dewayne L.; Campbell, C.W. - Freezing Tolerance of Avocado Leaves. HORTSCIENCE 27(4):341-343. 1992. (Full Text in PDF)

Vidal, M.T.; Azcón-Aguilar, C.; Barea, J.M.; Pliego-Alfaro, Fernando - Mycorrhizal Inoculation Enhances Growth and Development of Micropropagated Plants of Avocado. HORTSCIENCE 27(7):785-787. 1992. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 28 (1993)

Whiley, Anthony W.; Schaffer, Bruce - 14C-Photosynthate Partitioning in Avocado Trees as Influenced by Shoot Development. HORTSCIENCE 28(8):850-852. 1993. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 29 (1994)

ABSTRACTS. HORTSCIENCE 29(5): 427-581. 1994. (Full Text in PDF)

Pesis, E.; Marinansky, Rosa; Zauberman, Giora; Fuchs, Yoram - Prestorage Low-oxygen Atmosphere Treatment Reduces Chilling Injury Symptoms in 'Fuerte' Avocado Fruit. HORTSCIENCE 29(9): 1042-1046. 1994. (Full Text in PDF)

Sanxter, Suzanne S.; Nishijima, Kate A.; Chan Jr., Harvey T. - Heat-treating 'Sharwil' Avocado for Cold Tolerance in Quarantine Cold Treatments. HORTSCIENCE 29(10): 1166-1168. 1994. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 30 (1995)

Hennessey, Michael K.; Knight, Robert J. Jr.; Schnell, Raymond J. - Antibiosis to Caribbean Fruit Fly in Avocado Germplasm. HORTSCIENCE 30(5): 1061-1062. 1995. (Full Text in PDF)

Lahav, Emmanuel; Lavi, Uri; Mhameed, S.; Degani, Chemda; Zamet, D.N.; Gazit, Shmuel - 'Gil': A New Avocado Cultivar. HORTSCIENCE 30(1): 158. 1995. (Full Text in PDF)

Nishijima, Kate A.; Chan Jr., Harvey T.; Sanxter, Suzanne S.; Linse, Edward S. - Reduced Heat Shock Period of 'Sharwil' Avocado for Cold Tolerance in Quarantine Cold Treatment. HORTSCIENCE 30(5): 1052-1053. 1995. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 31 (1996)

Crowley, David; Smith, Woody; Faber, Ben A.; Manthey, John - Zinc Fertilization of Avocado Trees. HORTSCIENCE 31(2):224-229. 1996. (Full Text in PDF)

Takele, Etaferahu; Meyer, Jewell L.; Arpaia, Mary Lu; Stottlemyer, David E.; Witney, Guy W. - Economic Analysis of Irrigation and Fertilization Management of Avocados. HORTSCIENCE 31(1):156-159. 1996. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 32 (1997)

Lavi, Uri; Sharon, D.; Kaufman, D.; Saada, D.; Chapnik, A.; Zamet, D.N.; Degani, Chemda; Lahav, Emmanuel; Gazit, Shmuel - 'Eden' - A New Avocado Cultivar. HORTSCIENCE 32(1): 151. 1997. (Full Text in PDF)

Woolf, A.B. - Reduction of Chilling Injury in Stored 'Hass' Avocado Fruit by 38ºC Water Treatments. HORTSCIENCE 32(7):1247-1251. 1997. (Full Text in PDF)

Woolf, A.B.; Lay-Yee, M. - Pretreatments at 38 °C of 'Hass' Avocado Confer Thermotolerance to 50 °C Hot Water Treatments. HORTSCIENCE 32(4):705-708. 1997. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 34 (1999)

Miyasaka, Susan C.; Million, Jeff B.; Hue, Nguyen V.; McCulloch, Charles E. - Boron Requirement of Young ‘Sharwil’ Avocado Trees. HORTSCIENCE 34(5):886–890. 1999. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 35 (2000)

Hofman, P.J.; Jobin-Décor, Marcelle; Giles, Janet - Percentage of Dry Matter and Oil Content Are Not Reliable Indicators of Fruit Maturity or Quality in Late-harvested ‘Hass’ Avocado. HORTSCIENCE 35(4):694–695. 2000. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 36 (2001)

Thorp, T. Grant; Stowell, B. - Pruning Height and Selective Limb Removal Affect Yield of Large ‘Hass’ Avocado Trees. HORTSCIENCE 36(4):699–702. 2001. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 38 (2003)

Degani, Chemda, Lahav, Emmanuel, El Bazri, R., Gazit, Shmuel - Caging Single Avocado Trees with a Beehive Does Not Guarantee Exclusive Formation of Selfed Progeny. HORTSCIENCE 38(7):1433-1434. 2003. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 39 (2004)

Razeto M, Bruno, Salgado, Jorge - The Inflorescence and Fruit Peduncle as Indicators of Nitrogen Status of the Avocado Tree. HORTSCIENCE 39(6):1173-1174. 2004. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 40 (2005)

Lahav, E., Israeli, T., Regev, Yitzhak, Ardity, H., Lavi, Uri, Chemo, M., Chapnik, A., Ackerman, M., Feygenberg, Oleg, Pesis, E., Saada, D. - 'Arad' - A New Avocado Cultivar. HORTSCIENCE 40(2):488. 2005. (Full Text in PDF)

Regev, Yitzhak, Ardity, H., Israeli, T., Lahav, E., Lavi, Uri, Chemo, M., Chapnik, A., Ackerman, M., Feygenberg, Oleg, Pesis, E., Saada, D. - 'Lavi' - A New Avocado Cultivar. HORTSCIENCE 40(2):489. 2005. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 41 (2006)

Salazar-García, Samuel, Cossio-Vargas, L.E., Lovatt, Carol J., González-Durán, Isidro J.L., Pérez-Barraza, M.H. - Crop Load Affects Vegetative Growth Flushes and Shoot Age Influences Irreversible Commitment to Flowering of 'Hass' Avocado. HORTSCIENCE 41(7):1541-1546. 2006. (Full Text in PDF)

Schaffer, Bruce, Davies, Frederick S., Crane, Jonathan H. - Responses of Subtropical and Tropical Fruit Trees to Flooding in Calcareous Soil. HORTSCIENCE 41(3):549-555. 2006. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 42 (2007)

Forsline, Philip L., Hummer, Kim E. - Fruit Exploration Supported by the National Plant Germplasm System, 1980 to 2004. HORTSCIENCE 42(2):200-202. 2007. (Full Text in PDF)

Salazar-García, Samuel, Cossio-Vargas, L.E., González-Durán, Isidro J.L., Lovatt, Carol J. - Foliar-applied GA3 Advances Fruit Maturity and Allows Off-season Harvest of 'Hass' Avocado. HORTSCIENCE 42(2):257-261. 2007. (Full Text in PDF)

Stoner, Allan, Hummer, Kim E. - 19th and 20th Century Plant Hunters. HORTSCIENCE 42(2):197-199. 2007. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 43 (2008)

Huber, Donald J. - Suppression of Ethylene Responses Through Application of 1-Methylcyclopropene: A Powerful Tool for Elucidating Ripening and Senescence Mechanisms in Climacteric and Nonclimacteric Fruits and Vegetables. HORTSCIENCE 43(1):106-111. 2008. (Full Text in PDF)

Watkins, C.B. - Overview of 1-Methylcyclopropene Trials and Uses for Edible Horticultural Crops. HORTSCIENCE 43(1):86-94. 2008. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 44 (2009)

Chen, Nancy J., Wall, Marisa M., Paull, Robert E., Follett, Peter A. - Variation in 'Sharwil' Avocado Maturity during the Harvest Season and Resistance to Fruit Fly Infestation. HORTSCIENCE 44(6):1655-1661. 2009. (Full Text in PDF)

Schnell, Raymond J., Tondo, C.L., Brown, J.S., Kuhn, D.N., Ayala-Silva, T., Borrone, James W., Davenport, Thomas L. - Outcrossing between 'Bacon' Pollinizers and Adjacent 'Hass' Avocado Trees and the Description of Two New Lethal Mutants. HORTSCIENCE 44(6):1522-1526. 2009. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 47 (2012)

Menge, John A., Douhan, Greg W., McKee, B.S., Pond, E., Bender, Gary S., Faber, Ben A. - Three New Avocado Rootstock Cultivars Tolerant to Phytophthora Root Rot: 'Zentmyer', 'Uzi', and 'Steddom'. HORTSCIENCE 47(8):1191-1194. 2012. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 52 (2017)

Campisi-Pinto, S., Zheng, Yusheng, Rolshausen, Philippe E., Crowley, David, Faber, Ben A., Bender, Gary S., Bianchi, M., Khuong, Toan, Lovatt, Carol J. - Optimal Nutrient Concentration Ranges of 'Hass' Avocado Cauliflower Stage Inflorescences - Potential Diagnostic Tool to Optimize Tree Nutrient Status and Increase Yield. HORTSCIENCE 52(12):1707-1715. 2017. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 54 (2019)

Sánchez-González, E.I., Gutiérrez-Soto, Guadalupe, Olivares-Sáenz, Emilio, Gutiérrez-Díez, A., Barrientos-Priego, Alejandro F., Ochoa-Ascencio, S. - Screening Progenies of Mexican Race Avocado Genotypes for Resistance to Phytophthora cinnamomi Rands. HORTSCIENCE 54(5):809-813. 2019. (Full Text in PDF)