Selected Articles from Carbohydrate Research
(Printed with permission from Elsevier Science Publishers B.V., Amsterdam)

Volume 2 (1966)

Sephton, Hugo H., Richtmyer, Nelson K. - The Isolation of D-erythro-L-galacto-Nonulose from the Avocado, Together with its Synthesis and Proof of Structure Through Reduction to D-arabino-D-manno-Nonitol and D-arabino-D-gluco-Nonitol.  Carbohydrate Research, 2 (1966) 289-300. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 12 (1970)

Richtmyer, Nelson K. - The isolation of volemitol and other polyhydric alcohols from avocado seeds.  Carbohydrate Research, 12 (1970) 135-138. (Full Text in PDF)

Richtmyer, Nelson K. - The isolation of perseitol and volemitol from Sedum, and some other observations on Sedum constituents.  Carbohydrate Research, 12 (1970) 139-142. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 13 (1970)

Johansson, Ingvar, Richtmyer, Nelson K. - The isolation of both a talo-heptulose and an allo-heptulose from the avocado. Some new paper-chromatographic data on haptuloses.  Carbohydrate Research, 13 (1970) 461-464. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 177 (1988)

Gowda, D. Channe, Sarathy, Chitra, Raju, T. Shantha - Structural Investigations on the Mucilaginous Polysaccharides Isolated from Bark of the Avocado Tree (Persea americana Mill).  Carbohydrate Research, 177 (1988) 117-125. (Full Text in PDF)

Volume 344 (2009)

Cheng, Jie, Fang, Zhijie, Li, Song, Zheng, Baohui, Jiang, Yuhua - An efficient synthesis of d-mannoheptulose via oxidation of an olefinated sugar with potassium permanganate in aqueous acetone. 2009  344:2093-2095. (Full Text in PDF)