Alon Hanotea
Volume 49, Number 10
October 1995

Table of Contents

  1. Agrotechnical improvements in the avocado orchard
    E. Gafni

  2. Changes in the avocado industry
    B. Raif, M. Besser

  3. Catalog of avocado rootstocks in use in Israel (Abstract)
    A. Ben-Ya'acov, E. Michelson, I. Sela

  4. The unique avocado fruit
    A. Ben-Ya'acov

  5. World listing of avocado cultivars according to flowering type (Abstract)
    E. Lahav, S. Gazit

  6. Promotive effect of paclobutrazol on avocado roots (Abstract)
    Z. Weisman, M. Zilberstein, B. Avidan

  7. Response of avocado trees to different irrigation regimes
    A. Effect of water amount on yield and tree development (Abstract)
    E. Tomer, S. Shooker, M. Ripa

  8. VC65 rootstock inducing salinity-resistance and productivity to Fuerte avocado (Abstract)
    R. Steinhardt, D. Kalmar, A. Miari, E. Lahav

  9. Prolonged modified atmosphere storage of Hass avocados (Abstract)
    D. Naiman, M. Ackerman, J. Hyman, G. Zauberman, Y. Fuchs, S. Meir

  10. Effect of acetaldehyde vapors on avocado fruit ripening (Abstract)
    D. Faiman, E. Pesis, R. Goren

  11. The avocado industry in Israel - an overview (Full Text)
    S. Homsky