California Avocado Commission

2000 Avocado Research Symposium

Table of Contents

1. Avocado Postharvest Quality
Project Leader: Mary Lu Arpaia

2. Enhancement of Avocado Productivity

I. Plant Improvement - Selection and evaluation of Improved Varieties and Rootstocks
Project Leader: Mary Lu Arpaia

II. Tree Phenology, Carbohydrate Cycling and Canopy Management
Project Leader: Mary Lu Arpaia
3. 'Lamb Hass' Maturity and Fruit Quality Study
Project Leader: Mary Lu Arpaia

4. Market Fruit Quality Study
Project Leader: Mary Lu Arpaia

5. Host-Parasite Interactions between Avocado Rootstocks and Phytophthora cinnamomi
Project Leaders: C. Thomas Chao and J. Menge

6. Development of Molecular Markers, Microsatellite
Project Leader: Michael T. Clegg

7. Rootstock Selections for Improved Salinity Tolerance of Avocado
Project Leaders: David Crowley and MaryLu Arpaia

8. Sensitive Detection and Characterization of Viroid, Virus, and Virus-like Agents of Avocado
Project Leader: J. Allan Dodds

9. Avocado Thrips (Scirtothrips persea Nakahara [Thysanoptera: Thripidae]) Biology and Management: Overview of Subprojects
Project Leader: Mark S. Hoddle

10. Avocado Thrips Research
I. Combined Subproject 1: Laboratory Studies on Biology, Field Phenology, and Foreign Exploration and Subproject 3: Pesticide Screening, Sabadilla Resistance, Goetheana and Lacewing Studies
Subproject Leaders: Mark S. Hoddle and Joseph G. Morse

II. Subproject 2: Agri-Mek and Success Evaluations and Phenology in the field
Subproject Leaders: Wee L. Yee, Phil A. Phillips, and Ben A Faber
11. Using Neoseiulus californicus for Control of Persea Mite
Project Leader: Mark S. Hoddle

12. Avocado Rootstock Development by Somatic Hybridization and Genetic Engineering
Project Leader: Richard E. Litz

13. Improving Fruit Set and Yield of the 'Hass' Avocado with Potassium Phosphate or Potassium Phosphite Applied During Bloom
Project Leader: Carol J. Lovatt

14. Nitrogen Fertilization Strategies to Increase Yield of the 'Hass' Avocado
Project Leader: Carol J. Lovatt

15. Fungi Isolated after Harvest from Decayed California Avocado Fruit
Project Leaders: Dennis A. Margosan and Joseph L. Smilanick

16. Biocontrol of Phytophthora Root Rot of Avocado with Mulch and Biocontrol Agents
Project Leader: John A. Menge

17. Screening and Evaluation of New Rootstocks with Resistance To Phytophthora cinnamomi
Project Leader: John A. Menge

18. Enhancement of Avocado Pollination and Fruit Yield
Project Leader: Nikolas Waser

19. Evaluation of Selected Israeli Rootstocks for Productivity and Dwarfness under Various Stress Conditions
Project Leader: Miriam Zilberstaine