California Avocado Society and University of California, Riverside


  1. Analysis of Changes in Monoterpene Content of Ripening 'Hass' Avocado, and Comparison with Other Varieties
    Dr. Kristin Bozak

  2. Outcrossing in Avocado: Is There a Relationship to Fruit Yield
    Dr. Michael Clegg

  3. Correction of Zinc Deficiency in Avocado
    Dr. David Crowley

  4. Biological Control of Pests on Avocado in California
    Dr. John Heraty

  5. Relationship Between Several Parameters and Avocado Production
    Dr. Emanuel Lahav

  6. Avocado Rootstock Development by Somatic Hybridization and Genetic Engineering
    Dr. Richard Litz

  7. Comparison of Determinate vs. Indeterminate Shoots to Determine the Roles of PGRs, Carbohydrate, Nitrogen and other Nutrients in Fruit Set of the ‘Hass’ Avocado
    Dr. Carol Lovatt

  8. Increasing Yield, Fruit Size and Quality with Properly Timed GA3 Canopy Sprays
    Dr. Carol Lovatt

  9. Nitrogen Fertilization Strategies to Increase Yield of the ‘Hass’ Avocado
    Dr. Carol Lovatt

  10. Biocontrol of Phytophthora Root Rot of Avocado with Mulch and Biocontrol Agents
    Dr. John Menge

  11. Screening and Evaluation of New Rootstocks with Resistance to Phytophthora cinnamomi
    Dr. John Menge

  12. Integrated Control of Avocado Diseases
    Dr. Howard Ohr

  13. Avocado Pollination in California Growing Conditions
    Dr. Kirk Visscher