1990 Summary of Avocado Research

Avocado Research Advisory Committee University of California, Riverside



  1. Avocado Breeding
    Bob Bergh, Botany and Plant Sciences

  2. Molecular Genetics of Avocado
    Michael T. Clegg, Botany and Plant Sciences

  3. Generation and Selection of Phytophthora Cinnamomi Resistant Avocado Rootstocks through Somaclonal Variation
    Sharon Kurtz, Twyford International, Inc.

    Avocado Clonal Rootstock Production Trial
    Mary Lu Arpaia, Botany and Plant Sciences


  1. A definitive Test to Determine Whether Phosphite Fertilization can Replace Phosphate Fertilization to Supply P in the Metabolism of Hass on Duke 7
    Carol Lovatt, Botany and Plant Sciences

  2. Changes in Starch and Ammonia Metabolism During Low Temperature Stress - Induced Flowering in ‘Hass’ Avocado
    Carol Lovatt, Botany and Plant Sciences

  3. Problems with Urea-N Foliar Fertilization of Avocado
    Carol Lovatt, Botany and Plant Sciences


  1. Avocado Improvement through Detection and Elimination of Viruses from Selected Rootstock and Scion Varieties
    J. Allan Dodds, Plant Pathology

  2. Rapid Immunological Tests for the Detection of Phytophthora Cinnamomi in Avocado Roots
    Jyh-Dar Lei, Twyford International, Inc.

  3. Screening and Evaluation of New Rootstocks with Resistance to Phytophthora Cinnamomi
    J. A. Menge, Plant Pathology

  4. Epidemiology and Dynamics of Phytophthora Root Rot of Avocado as Affected by Rootstock, Soil, Irrigation and Fungicides
    Donald M. Ferrin, Plant Pathology

  5. Analysis of Suppressive Soils and Development of Biological Control Methods for Phytophthora Root Rot of Avocado
    William L. Casale, Plant Pathology

  6. Biological Control of Phytophthora Cinnamomi and P. Citricola on Avocado by the Use of Antagonistic Microorganisms
    Peter H. Tsao, Plant Pathology


  1. Insect IPM Research
    J. Blair Bailey, Entomology

  2. Biological Control of Greenhouse Thrips and Avocado Mites
    J. A. McMurtry, Entomology


  1. Irrigation and Fertilization Management of Avocados
    J. L. Meyer, Soil and Environmental Sciences

  2. Minimizing Fertilizer Contamination of Ground Water by Fertilizer and Irrigation Management of Avocados
    Marylynn V. Yates, Soil and Environmental Sciences

  3. Vegetation Management in Avocado
    Lowell S. Jordan, Botany and Plant Sciences


  1. Avocado Fruit Quality as Influenced by Preharvest Cultural Practices
    Mary Lu Arpaia, Botany and Plant Sciences

  2. The Use of Controlled Atmospheres for Long-Term Storage of 'Hass' Avocado
    Mary Lu Arpaia, Botany and Plant Sciences


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